How You Can Help

Everyone feels good when they make a real¬†difference in the lives of those in need. ¬†With WOW, there’s a veritable buffet of ways to feel good while making a difference.

  • You’ve got mad skills and a kind heart: Volunteer with us right from your home or in the villages of Cambodia
  • You’ve got a place where folks can gather: Invite us into your home or community for a fundraising event
  • You like to give gifts: Check out the Wish List and donate a set of school books or a bike for one or more children
  • You prefer to go BIG: Check out the Wish List and donate a classroom or school or rainwater harvesting system for hundreds of kids
  • You like good news: Share our newsletters with friends and family
  • You’re a social animal: Like us on Facebook here
  • You’ve got old tech gear: We’ll take it! We’re always in need of laptops, desktops and tablets
  • You’re a conscious consumer with impeccable taste: Shop at, they donate a portion of all proceeds to WOW!